GCSE Music Course

We are now taking applications for the course starting in September 2016. Please contact us to be added to the audition list or complete your details on the online form.

Exam board: Edexcel

Assessment Method: One written paper and four practical exams

Qualification: GCSE

Level: Level 2

NLPAC offers the GCSE Music course to students in year 10 or 11 from September 2016.  The qualification is taught over 1 academic year. This is a rewarding yet challenging course which develops critical & creative thinking, musical & performance skills.

The Edexcel GCSE in Music specification should:


■ encourage students to be inspired, moved and changed by following a broad, coherent,

satisfying and worthwhile course of study


■ develop broader life skills and attributes, including critical and creative thinking, aesthetic

sensitivity, emotional awareness, cultural understanding, self-discipline, self-confidence and



■ enable students to engage actively in the study of music


■ develop musical skills and interests, including the ability to make music individually and in



■ enable students to understand and appreciate a range of different kinds of music.

Course Outline

Unit 1: Performing Music

Internal Assessment - Recording

30% of total GCSE


Performing Music


In this unit students develop their performing skills in both a solo and ensemble context. They are given the opportunity to rehearse and refine performances in their chosen discipline or genre, developing technical control, expression and interpretative skills. This unit will encourage students to develop creative thinking, aesthetic sensitivity, critical awareness, self-confidence, self-motivation and their own musical interests and skills, including the ability to make music individually and in groups.


Unit 2: Composing Music

Internal Assessment - Recording and written work

30% of total GCSE

Composing Music


Composing music emphasises the creative aspect of music and allows students to appreciate the process of creating music. Students will be introduced to the technical and creative skills required by a composer. Students will be encouraged to explore a range of compositional starting points and investigate a range of techniques for developing and manipulating ideas, and turn them into completed pieces of music.

Unit 3: Music - Listening & Appraising

1.5 hr written Paper

Externally Assessed

40% of total GCSE

Music - Listening & Appraising


In this unit students develop their listening and appraising skills through the study of music across a variety of styles and genres. The content for the unit is grouped into four Areas of Study each of which contains three set works. This unit will be assessed through a 1-hour and 30-minute examination set and marked by Edexcel.

Is it for you?

This course will suit those with an interest in music, particularly those with a creative mind and who enjoy composing and making music. It is also for those who enjoy learning about different styles of music and collaborating with others. Assessment is varied through written examination and controlled assessment.


We strongly recommend that students attend music or singing lessons, either privately or in a group and should have achieved Grade 4 or above in their main instrument.  


Course Times:

Thursdays 6.00-8.00pm. Starts Thursday 15th September 2016

*Course times and days are subject to change at the descretion of the centre.


Students will be expected to book studio space at NLPAC in their own time to rehearse their performances.



Course Fees - £900 (can be split into 3 x termly payments)

Discount - 10% discount if fees are paid in full at the beginning of the course

Other - £50 NLPAC annual membership for those students who are not already members of the centre.

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