Andrew Smith


Andrew has been playing and teaching drums and piano for more than 20 years, and possesses a broad range of experience in the fields of jazz, soul, rock and popular music.  He grew up in Melbourne, Australia, and attended the Victorian College of the Arts and the University Melbourne where he achieved a Bachelor of Music and a Graduate Diploma of Education.

Since moving to London in 2017, Andrew has focused primarily on teaching.

“I really enjoy working with people of all ages. I strive to help my students to discover the joy of playing music, and I do endeavour to guide each one of them along the best path to their own personal journey; largely based on what I have learned myself”.

Andrew’s teaching style is built around the idea of learning to play by studying songs or tunes which are of particular interest to each student. He combines this approach of learning the essential stylistic and technical aspects of drumming relevant to each tune with the general principles of music theory.

“I believe that anyone can, with study and practice, learn to play whatever they want. All it takes is dedication, patience and the passion and drive to do it. In a sense, the teacher’s job is to help students to discover this within themselves. I take pride in the fact that most of my students seem to regard studying with me to be a positive, inspiring and worthwhile experience”.

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