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Tap dance is one of the most enjoyable and rhythmic forms of recreational dance. Tap is excellent for developing a sense of rhythm and musicality and children have great fun making different sounds with their feet!

At NLPAC we have ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing) exam classes available. Exam classes follow an acredited syllabus and enable students to work towards a graded examination if they wish. We offer graded classes as well as Vocational Intermediate and ISTD DDE teacher training level. The ISTD is an awarding organisation regulated by Ofqual. Examinations from Grade 1 and above are on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) and from Grade 6 students receive UCAS points. 

Exams are held at our studios in the Summer term. To be considered for ISTD exams from Grade 1 and above, students may be required to attend extra coaching classes in the term prior to the exams. 

If you are need advice about your booking please email us at info@nlpac.co.uk

Below is the timetable of Tap classes for autumn 2021. Ages are given as a guideline but once a trial class has been taken, the teacher will suggest the best possible class for the student. 


Primary Tap

Grade 1 TapGradedMonday5:00-6:00
Grade 2 TapGradedMonday6:00-7:00
Grade 3 TapGradedTuesday7.00-8:00
Grade 5 TapGradedTuesday6:00-7:00
Grade 6 TapGradedTuesday5:00-:00

Non-Syllabus Tap is also offered in our Tiny Toes pre-school class and as part of our Boys Performance School.

Tiny Toes (Ballet & Tap)3-4Monday4.00-5:00
Tiny Toes (Ballet & Tap)3-4Saturday1:00-1:45
Boys Tap ABy AbilitySaturday12:15-1:00
Boys Tap BBy AbilitySaturday11:20-12:05

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