Outreach & Education


Supporting delivery and enhancing performing arts curriculum in schools



Our workshops and classes are suitable for all ages of children. Each session is tailored to meet your brief and the needs of your group.

In general, we run workshops that support, enrich and enhance each key stage’s syllabus or, for those that prefer, we run workshops that are not about the curriculum but are just for the love and enjoyment of performing arts!

We have a large network of amazing teachers who are all professional performers as well as being experienced teachers, and so we can offer high quality workshops in an array of styles and genres.

We offer classes during the day either at your school or here at NLPAC with our professional dance studios, or we offer workshops after school at your venue. Whichever works best for you and your school.

Whether it is for education, enrichment, training or simply for fun, NLPAC can provide performing arts workshops tailored to suit your requirements and your budget.

If you are interested in dance, drama, singing or music workshops, please get in touch for further information.



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