One of NLPAC’s main objectives is to give children and young people opportunities regardless of background and financial status. NLPAC aims to provide quality, affordable performing arts activities for all young people.

Because of this, generous talent-based and ad hoc scholarships are offered to those families who struggle to pay fees. Many students benefit from being given this opportunity and it has enabled individuals to flourish in subjects they thought they might never be able to.

Ad hoc scholarships are allocated at the discretion of the Principal.

The Amy Athwal-Kirby Scholarship

The Amy Athwal-Kirby Scholarship was set up to celebrate the life and passion for performing arts of young NLPAC student Amy. This scholarship will give a NLPAC student the same wonderful opportunities that Amy enjoyed and cherished.

Amy joined NLPAC when she was 3 years old. She loved wearing her little pink Ballet outfits and dancing. Over the years Amy continued with Ballet and then moved into Contemporary dance. She also joined holiday workshops and generally loved performing and being in NLPAC. She would often ask to go in early during the holidays so she could hang out with the helpers and do their hair!

Amy also took singing and drama lessons at NLPAC and the experience enriched her life. She loved performance and learning new acting skills. She made many friends throughout the years and was really enjoying the camaraderie of the group of students rehearsing for the Bugsy Malone production.

“Amy would be so pleased to know that a scholarship has been set up in her name to pass on the joy of performing arts to other children. It is a very fitting tribute to our girl”
Beewan Athwal