Students are given a NLPAC T-Shirt upon becoming a member and every time membership is renewed. These can be worn in all drama and singing classes as well as performing arts after school clubs and stage schools. All other dance classes have specific uniform requirements or dancewear guidelines.

We take the health and safety of all of our students very seriously and these rules are in place for their comfort.

Having uniforms encourages students to develop a sense of pride and belonging. It also ensures all children are equal and allows the teacher to clearly see how the body is working in order to safely teach and guide the dancer.

Children are expected to have proper uniform if they are to be entered for ISTD examinations.

Ballet, Tap, Modern

For Ballet, hair should be tied back in a bun from Grade 1 upwards and neatly tied off the face for Beginners 3-4 years, Pre-Primary and Primary.

For Modern & Tap, hair should be neatly tied up off the face. Information for hair styles for examinations is given out when children are submitted.

For Pink satin ballet shoes, please check the size chart as sizes differ with different brands.

Contemporary & Theatre Jazz

Students should wear any leotard with tights or leggings.

Bare feet or foot thongs can be worn for Contemporary and Jazz shoes for Theatre Jazz.

Hair should be tied up off the face and no sharp or dangly jewellery is to be worn.

Street Dance & Stage Schools

These are also dance classes therefore children must wear suitable clothing which will enable them to move freely.

Leggings or tracksuit bottoms with a leotard, NLPAC t-shirt or vest is perfect. Jeans or skirts/dresses are not allowed in the dance studio.

Suitable footwear should also be worn; jazz shoes/gym pumps or “indoor” trainers.

Hair should be tied up off the face and no sharp or dangly jewellery is to be worn.