NLPAC believes that children should be given the opportunity to perform. It brings the groups of students together as they share the exciting experience and also allows parents, friends and family to see them perform.

Every year, in the Spring term, all dance and stage school students are given the opportunity to perform on a professional stage with costumes in our annual show. This is the absolute highlight of our year and a really exciting experience for all the children. The annual show is jam-packed with dance shows, a Ballet production and a Stage School showcase.

We also run a Musical Theatre production course each year which starts rehearsing in the Autumn term and performs in the Spring.


This year we had 6 fantastic shows across two Sundays in the wonderful Lilian Baylis Theatre at Sadler’s Wells. Below are photos of the amazing performers including rehearsal shots, group photos and performance shots. Enjoy!

Dance Show 1 – Sunday 18th March 2018, Lilian Baylis Theatre, Sadler’s Wells

Dance Show 2 – Sunday 18th March 2018, Lilian Baylis Theatre, Sadler’s Wells

Stage School Cabaret – Sunday 18th March 2018, Lilian Baylis Theatre, Sadler’s Wells

Thursday Stage School

Friday Stage School

Saturday Stage School


Ballet Show 1 – Sunday 25th March 2018, Lilian Baylis Theatre, Sadler’s Wells