NLPAC annual show

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March 17th 2024 at the Shaw Theatre London!

NLPAC believes children should be given the opportunity to perform

Every year, in the Spring term, all dance and stage school students are given the opportunity to perform on a professional stage with costumes in our annual show.

It brings students together as they share the exciting experience and also allows parents, friends and family to see them on stage!

The annual show is jam-packed with dance shows, a Ballet production and a Stage School showcase

This is the absolute highlight of our year and a thrilling experience for all those involved.

Show Information

Ballet Show
Dance Show 1
Stage School Cabaret
Dance Show 2

Location Shaw Theatre, 100-110 Euston Rd, NW1 2AJ

Costume Shop

Costumes for the annual show can be purchased via the NLPAC website. Check back soon for more info!


Tickets are not yet available for purchase.